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About Us


We Are Since 2017

Our Story is not too Long. In fact, it’s as quick as our food that makes its way from the packaging to your tummy. In 2018, ANANTA was established and began its work in the fruit ripening segment.
Our Quality food products bore fruit after all. And hence, we set out on our new endeavour in Nov 2017 which gave birth to ANANTA and developed a brand called ANANTA IMPEX.

Under the Supervision of Manisha Rasesh Chokshi, ANANTA has ventured in to developing qualitative and quantitative recipes of variety of food products. We provide specialized freeze dried ready to eat food products and also exported to different countries like USA, UK, Africa, Canada, New Zealand and many more. It is also supplied within the country. We operate semi-automatic plant spread in an area of around 2000 sq. ft that produces 10 tonnes per month which match all the global maintenance and hygiene standards.

We are the belief that company is a great as the happiness quotient of its employees. That’s why we adhere to the best practices set as per global standards. Each of our Workforce units comprise of 5 skilled, 3 semi-skilled employees and 2 supervisors and a chef. Technologist team that work in 2 shifts.

Our credentials are a showcase of the authenticity and quality ANANTA brings to table, literally with certification from FSSAI, Apeda MSME. Whatever we do, we do it right!

Pest Control is the Best Control. All our office entries are equipped with florescent strip curtains, air curtains and rodent catchers. All areas, equipment’s and utensils are precisely labelled and followed systematically to maintain smooth functioning. Each Vessel is made with food graded SS materials.

The Hygiene standards we are followed through GMP & GHP thoroughly.

Even the guests who visit the company are expected to follow strict rules like wearing the right attire of gloves, apron and head caps.

Our Mission

Time is one of the essences and so is the need for the proper food nourishment. In the world of today, people are always on-the-going.
We aim to deliver supreme quality ready to eat solutions, in no time

Our Vision

To Expand our offerings of freeze dried and ready to eat food products to the world and become the number one choice when it comes to quick nutrition.

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